4-in-1 electric crimping tool

Code: pince-sertir-elec

Electrician’s crimping pliers:

  • Crimp, strip and cut
  • Robust and precise
  • Weight 190g
  • High manufacturing quality
  • Widely used in automotive and industrial applications
  • Robust 4-in-1 pliers


2 in stock

2 in stock

Crimping tool with 4 functions

The crimping tool that’s changing the way electricians work

The pliers that replace 4 others, free up space in your toolbox, and save time when working by taking just one pair of pliers with you.

Take advantage of the fine nose for the most meticulous operations, and the robust cutting pliers for cutting cables over 1cm in diameter.

  1. Pinch with the finest objects.
  2. Pinch nuts up to 21mm.
  3. Strip wires from 1 to 4mm.
  4. Cut wires up to 6mm.
  5. Cut metal rods.
  6. Crimp the thinner terminals.
  7. Crimp thick terminals.
  8. Strip the thickest wires with its 2 specially designed blades.

Robust and well-made!

Suitable for automotive and industrial applications.

Weight 0,2 kg

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