5 broken screw extractors 5 to 12mm “Pigtails

Code: 5-extracteurs/kit

5 pigtail extractors:

  • Diameter from 5 to 12mm
  • In treated steel
  • Used to extract broken screws in a thread


3 in stock

3 in stock

Set of 5 pigtail extractors

A screw or stud broken flush in a thread, and your operation is extended….

How do you extract a screw from a thread when you’ve just broken the head off flush with the thread?

You need to use a broken screw extractor, commonly known as a “pigtail” because of its shape.

Drill your broken screw, place the extractor in the hole you’ve made, and loosen the extractor in the screw. The tool forces its way into the screw while loosening it from its thread.

This kit of 5 pigtails covers diameters from 5 to 20mm.

Useful and necessary for all mechanics.

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