Cap for AMP superseal 1 to 6 way electrical connector

Code: amp-superseal-cap

Covers for AMP superseal :

  • Protect your connectors when they are disconnected.
  • Choice of sizes, 1 to 6 channels
  • Completely waterproof
  • IP67 insulation
  • Sold individually


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Protect your connectors when they are unplugged.

Cover for AMP connector.

When you’re not using your connector, you can protect it to prevent dust and water from getting into the connection pins.

Available for all sizes of AMP Superseal connectors.

  • 1 way
  • 2-way
  • 3 way
  • 4 way
  • 5 lane
  • 6 lane

Sold individually.

Amp Superseal electrical connectors are manufactured by Tyco electronics, a leader in communications and electrical networks.

Popular in the automotive and agricultural sectors. These connectors are the symbol of a watertight and reliable electrical connection.

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1 voie, 2 voies, 3 voies, 4 voies, 5 voies, 6 voies

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