Electrical connector for Bosch lambda sensor 4.9 0258017025

Code: lsu4.9connector

Connector for Bosch lsu 4.9 sensor:

  • Sold with pins + seals + protective boots
  • Fitted with a pin lock to hold the pins firmly in the connector
  • For Bosch probe 0 258 017 025


56 in stock

56 in stock

Bosch 4.9 lambda sensor connector

Replace or repair your 4.9 lambda sensor connector.

Equipped with a pin block to be inserted on the side, to prevent the connections from moving in the connector.Sold with pins and seals + waterproof protection boots.

About the Bosch 4.9 Lambda sensor:

Due to its accuracy and compatibility with many fuels, the Bosch 4.9 Lambda sensor is the most widely used sensor in the automotive industry today.

The Bosch lsu 4.9 lambda sensor is widely used on German vehicles:

  • Volkswagen
  • Audi
  • Bmw
  • Mercedes
  • Porsche

It is also sold as standard with self-installation richness controllers (AEM, Innovate etc…).

Weight 0,1 kg

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