Power supply cord with switch 1.8M with 230V plug

Code: cordon1.8m+prise220v

Power supply cord 230V:

  • Switch ON/OFF
  • Lenght: 1,8M
  • Maximum power: 1150 Watts
  • Tension Max: 230V
  • Fit for all our led lamps that we offer


15 in stock

15 in stock

Power cord with switch + 230V plug

Power supply for led  lights lamps and many other electric devices.

Fit for all our our led lamps that we offer in our catalog.

Technical specs:

  • Lenght: 1.8M
  • Tension max: 230V
  • Maximum power: 1150 watts
  • Switch ON/OFF

As our led light did not need power transformator, you can simply connect the led to the wire and plug it into 230v sector.

Work with all our Hexagon and straight led lights.

Weight 0,2 kg

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