Reinforced multi-fuel hose 6mm diameter ethanol E85, petrol, diesel, oil, LHM

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6mm multi-fuel hose:

  • Designed in nitrile + fibre reinforcement
  • Inner diameter 6mm
  • Outside diameter 12mm
  • Maximum pressure 16 Bar
  • Resistant to Citroën LHM oil.
  • Resistant to automotive fuels
  • Resistant to engine oils and coolants
  • Widely used in automotive, industrial and agricultural applications
  • Brand: Discount Autosport
  • Resistant to all types of automotive and HGV fluids.


349 in stock

349 in stock

Flexible multi-fuel hose

Replace your cracked and worn fuel hoses.

What’s more,this type of hose is highly resistant to temperature and abrasion.

Widely used in the automotive, industrial and agricultural sectors.

Technical specifications:

  • Inside diameter: 6 mm
  • Outside diameter: 12 mm
  • Temperature range: -40°C to + 110°C
  • Made of NBR (nitrile)
  • Maximum pressure 16 bar
  • Compatible with all automotive fuels and fluids
  1. Engine oil
  2. Citroën LHM oil
  3. Coolant
  4. Diesel
  5. Petrol
  6. Ethanol E85 + E100
  7. Ad Blue

Sold by the metre, add your desired quantity to receive a single length of several metres.

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