Safety wire” braking wire kit for industrial cars and motorbikes pliers + drilling tools

Code: safetywirekit

Kit for locking nuts and bolts:

  • Complete kit
  • For
  • Used in competition, aeronautics and industry


2 in stock

2 in stock

Avoid unwanted loosening

The kit to get you ready to install brake wire on all your nuts and bolts.

  • 2 drilling tools for nuts and screws
  • 1 twister pliers

The best way to prevent a nut or screw from loosening is to stop it with a wire.

The most common method is called “braking” nuts and screws.

  • Pass a wire through the head or nut of your bolt
  • Twist the wire
  • Attach it to another screw

Widely used in competition, aeronautics, agriculture and industry.

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