Shielded 3-wire cable for TDC sensors, RPM sensor wire length 5 metres

Code: filblindé5m

3-wire shielded cable:

  • Double shielding Steel + Alu
  • 3 wires in different colours
  • Reduced cross-section for information
  • Sold in 5 metre lengths
  • Ideal for automotive TDC sensors


16 in stock

16 in stock

3-wire shielded cable for speed sensors

The specificity of the shielded wire is to transmit very precise electrical information in an environment rich in interference (high electrical power, presence of several materials and vibrations).

Shielded cable with double protection, steel + aluminium

Widely used in the automotive and industrial sectors, this cable is designed with 2 layers of shielding:

  1. Shielding with a braided steel sheath, against high voltages
  2. Aluminium foil shielding against low-voltage interference

Designed with 3 different coloured inner wires:

  • Yellow
  • Black
  • Red

Ideal for automotive regime sensors requiring 3 wires, with optimum shielding and protection. Also works for 2-wire sensors.

Technical specifications:

  • Length: 5 metres
  • Wire cross-section: 3 X 0.3 mm2
  • Maximum voltage: 300v
  • Maximum current: 3 amps
  • Colour: Grey
  • Outer insulation: PVC
  • Conductor material: Copper
  • Shielding: Double, aluminium foil + steel sheath
  • Shielding type: Steel braid + aluminium foil
  • Temperature range: -50°C to + 170°C
  • Resistant to hydrocarbons: E85, petrol, diesel, engine oil, etc.

To ensure total shielding and insulation, we strongly recommend connecting the steel sheath to earth, for both industrial and automotive applications.

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