Two-component epoxy adhesive gun with plunger ratio 2/1 and 1/1

Code: epoxygun

Epoxy adhesive application gun:

  • High quality construction
  • 2/1 plunger (also works for 1/1)
  • Metal grip
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • For two-component epoxy adhesives


4 in stock

4 in stock

Application gun for two-component adhesive

Gun with hooks.

Each time the trigger is pulled, the plunger remains pushed into the tube, allowing the glue to come out and be mixed in the nozzle.

Used for Loctite and 3M bi-component adhesives.

These application guns are made to the highest quality standards:

  • The various plastics used in their manufacture are resistant to chemicals.
  • The metal notch ensures a firm grip.

Plunger with 2/1 ratio to fit 3M DP420 and DP490 Black adhesives.

Note that the 2/1 plunger also works with 1/1 ratio adhesive tubes.

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