Black shrink plug 8 to 60mm, choice of 8 sizes

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Heat-shrink plug :

  • For insulating metal end caps
  • Shrinkable 2/1
  • Sold individually
  • 8 sizes available
  • 8 to 60mm
  • Resistant to chemicals, petrol, motor oil, acid, E85, etc.


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2:1 heat-shrink cap

Insulate your metal end caps and live cables.

The ideal end cap to protect against freiting and regular wear.

Widely used in competition, in the agricultural sector and on original vehicles, but also in industry. These plugs are chemically highly resistant to hydrocarbons and other corrosive products.The uses and applications of heat-shrinkable plugs and sleeves are vast:

  • Insulating the soldering of 2 electrical wires
  • Protecting the end of a hose or a tube
  • Protecting and sheathing an electrical harness

8 diameters available:

  • 8mm shrinkable up to 4mm (Length 13mm)
  • 13mm shrinkable up to 6mm (Length 25mm)
  • 18mm retractable up to 9mm (Length 40mm)
  • 25mm retractable up to 12mm (length 40mm)
  • 30mm retractable up to 16mm (length 40mm)
  • 40mm retractable up to 20mm (length 45mm)
  • 50mm retractable up to 25mm (length 60mm)
  • 60mm retractable up to 35mm (length 70mm)

Technical specifications:

  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Polyolefin
  • Shrink temperature: from 100°C
  • Maximum operating temperature: +175°C
  • Minimum operating temperature: -75°C
  • Resistant to hydrocarbons and chemicals


Weight N/A

8mm, 13mm, 18mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm

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