Bulkhead + Positive power terminal for 200 amp 600V electrical cable

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High-power bulkhead bollard:

  • Terminal block for high power electrical cables
  • Frequently used for battery, starter and alternator cables
  • Maximum amperage: 200 AMP
  • Maximum voltage: 600V
  • For agricultural machinery, cars and industry


2 in stock (can be backordered)

2 in stock (can be backordered)

Bulkhead pass-through terminal block +

Pass your power cables cleanly and reliably

These terminals eliminate all worries about freiting and cable wear on bulkheads.

They also allow you to add power supplies by using several terminals on the bollard.

For use with 8mm diameter round terminals.

Supplied with a flexible gasket, to ensure a perfect bulkhead pass seal.

Technical specifications:

  • Maximum amperage: 200 AMP
  • Maximum voltage: 600V
  • Plastic material: PA 66
  • Metal material: Bronze H62
  • Centre hole: 18mm
  • Diameter of support holes: 4.3mm
  • Centre distance: 33.5mm

Note: If you need a completely watertight seal that is resistant to immersion in water or being hosed down, you can install the bollard with motor sealant in addition to the seal on your partition.

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