Deutsch DT 250-piece electrical connector case

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Deutsch electrical connectors:

  • Fully waterproof connectors to IP67 grade
  • 15 amps / pin connection
  • Complete kit with crimp pins and pin locks
  • Widely used in automotive and industrial applications
  • 250-piece case


9 in stock

9 in stock

Connectors without compromise

The no-compromise connectors used in F1, endurance and high-stress machines.

Deutsch DT electrical connectors are used for machines subject to extreme conditions such as agricultural machinery, heavy goods vehicles and racing vehicles.Completely sealed and capable of passing more than 15 amperes per connection pin, these connectors are a standard in the manufacture or repair of an electrical harness.Sold as a complete male and female set, with crimp pins, internal and external seals and pin locks.

  • Competition vehicles
  • Military vehicles
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Heavy goods vehicles

These plugs set a new standard in the manufacture and repair of wiring harnesses.

  • 15+ amps per pin
  • Slot for sliding bracket
  • IP67 insulation rating (against dust and water)

250-piece case including:

  • 4 2-way connectors
  • 3 x 3-way connectors
  • 5 x 4-way connectors
  • 3 6-way connectors
  • Sold with crimp pins, internal and external seals and pin blocks.

Deutsch DT electrical connectors are manufactured by Tyco electronics, a leader in communications and electrical networks.

Popular with the racing and aeronautical industries, these connectors are the symbol of a high-quality, reliable and stylish wiring harness.

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