WAGO terminal block 450 volts 32A 2 to 5 terminals

Code: boernier-wago-221

WAGO 2 to 5 channel terminal block:

  • Easy and secure
  • Firm hold of the wire in its housing
  • 450 volts maximum
  • 32 amps maximum
  • Sold individually
  • Easy to diagnose and measure
  • 2-way: 221-412
  • 3-channel: 221-413
  • 5-channel: 221-415
  • Widely used in building and industry


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WAGO 2 to 5 channel terminal block

Replace your terminal blocks with this easy-to-use terminal block.

Easy and secureConnect 2 wires together easily, without any hardware. No need to crimp or solder lugs to the end of your wires.Strip your wire and slide it into the terminal block, press down the orange clips to lock the wire, your wire is firmly connected to the other terminals.

Can be used with rigid single-strand building wire and multi-strand automotive wire.

Designed to accept a multimeter-type test tip while remaining clipped in place.

Easy to test and diagnose your devices, no need to disconnect your terminals to take measurements.

Manufacturer references:

  • 2 channels: 221-412
  • 3-channel: 221-413
  • 5-way: 221-415

Technical specifications:

  • Maximum voltage: 450 Volts
  • Maximum current: 32 amps
  • Temperature range: -85°C to + 105°C
  • Acceptable wire cross-section: 0.5 mm2 to 4 mm2

Sold individually.

Widely used in building and housing.

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