High temperature 600°C triple insulated glass fibre wire 1mm2 Length 5 metres

Code: fil-antifeu-blanc-1mm

Fire-resistant fibreglass yarn:

  • Resistance to over 600°C
  • Cross-section: 1 mm2
  • Outside diameter: 3.7 mm
  • Maximum voltage: 600 volts
  • Maximum current: 15 amps
  • Sold in 5M lengths
  • 2 layers of thermal insulation
  • 1 layer of electrical insulation
  • Easy to solder and crimp


273 in stock

273 in stock

Triple-insulated wire resistant up to 600°C

Flame-resistant electrical wire that delays the start of fires.

Resistant to over 600°C in direct contact, use this wire in environments subject to high heat.Particularly used in boilers, in automotive engine compartments and in industry in environments with extremetemperatures.Can be used as a conventional electrical wire.Double thickness of fibreglass + aluminium fibre sheath.


  1. This electrical wire consists of a conductive copper core with a cross-section of 1 mm2
  2. an inner fibreglass sheath that acts as a first layer of thermal insulation
  3. a sheath of Mica fabric + aluminium fibres, which electrically insulates the conductive core
  4. An outer fibreglass sheath that acts as a second layer of thermal insulation.

Technical specifications:

  • Resistance to +600°C
  • Conductor cross-section: 1 mm2
  • Actual outside diameter: 3.7 mm
  • Maximum voltage: 600 volts
  • Maximum current: 15 amps
  • Easy soldering and connection

Tip: For the safest connection, we recommend crimping and then soldering your wires to your lugs and connectors.

Sold in lengths of 5 metres, add 2 or more for a total length of 10 metres or more.

Ideal for electrical harnesses exposed to high temperatures, such as boilers and exhaust manifolds.

Weight 0,2 kg

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