Set of lugs and pins extractors for electrical connectors 41pcs

Code: trousseau-extracteur-41pcs

41 lugs and pins extractors:

  • Picks, tubes and tips to cover as many connectors as possible
  • Remove your lugs and pins from your connectors
  • Sold in sets of 41
  • Widely used in automotive electrics


19 in stock

19 in stock

Pull the pins out of your connectors effortlessly

Have you inserted a terminal or pin in the wrong place?

Once in place, the pins of various electrical connectors are virtually impossible to remove from their slots.With this extractor kit, you’re bound to find the extractor you need to remove your lugs.Cover all types of connectors thanks to the 41 different extractor models:Amp Superseal, Deutsch DT and DTP, Bosch JPT, Delphi and many others

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