Clip-on protection for AMP superseal Tyco electrical connectors, cable holders and sheaths

Code: couvercle-clips-AMP

Protection for AMP electrical connectors:

  • Cable and sheath support
  • 6 sizes to choose from
  • Suitable for Amp Superseal connectors
  • Sold individually


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Protective clips for AMP superseal electrical connectors

Cable retainer + corrugated sheath

2-part open protectors specially designed for Amp superseal connectors

Cover your wires coming out of your connectors and keep your corrugated sheath attached to your connectorWorks on TYCO Electronics AMP Superseal connectors

Available for 1 to 6 way connectors:

  • 1 way
  • 2-way
  • 3 way
  • 4-way
  • 5 lane
  • 6 lane

Made of nylon, resistant to hydrocarbons and chemical environments.

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1 voie, 2 voies, 3 voies, 4 voies, 5 voies, 6 voies

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